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Designed with Integrity and Purpose

“We chose our company name specifically to begin to outline to our clients who we are and how we feel about our community as well as explain what they can expect about the experience and the final building product.” says Pascale.

“Everything we’ve done with Paradise Design Build has intention and purpose. It has all become a part of the process, a decade in the making.”

Paradise Design Build is based on several core values. Values that some may say, have fallen by the wayside in the South Florida new home market. Some builders may not maintain these core values because they don’t understand that without each one of them individually, the others do not succeed.


“Holding high, the standard of character and strong principles means that every single job is our utmost priority. Purchasing the best products featuring the latest, 21st century technology and having the talent to utilize them to enhance the structure’s purpose and safety is job number one. Having the knowledge to understand why these products are critical to producing the highest quality home is crucial to maintaining our standard.”

Paradise Design Build offers a concierge style relationship where their owners are available 24 hours a day. Communication is critical to success and they believe in maintaining an open door policy when it comes to satisfying client’s needs. Every client is their most important client.

“We begin each project with ourselves, our neighbors and the community in mind so that in the end we can all achieve our goals. We respect our building department, our industry and our community throughout the building process.”


“Our in-house design team consists of over 42 master craftsmen led by a team of architects, interior designers, accountants and artists. The ability to provide everything needed to fulfill the desires of our clients under one roof provides for a streamlined, seamless experience.”

Pascale compares his company to Dwayne Johnson or, “The Rock” of the industry. The team is lead by Gregory Pascale who is himself, a master craftsman and artist. His passion to provide a ‘family of families’ (one big family full of family owned businesses) a community of powerful, passionate, talented team members that support each other in life and in business. Unity and diversity is the way Pascale continues to build his team. Each of his team members have a vision and a passion that unites them. Strength can also be seen in the size of the company . Paradise Design Build is committed to shine above the industry standard in the local community.


“Our philosophy is just because an individual has experience in our industry, doesn’t mean they have knowledge. Bad experience is to us, is worse than having no experience at all. Paradise Design Build is a trendsetting company, a visionary team and this requires new levels of learning.”

Within the last 28 months, all members of Paradise Design Build team have attended all of the major building expositions, taking on new lead certification and have travelled to Indonesia or the South Pacific to study architecture and environmental conditions, as well as to forge relationships with new suppliers.


“From superior building products to engineered installation systems, we use the environment as a guide as to what the best technologies should be used. The sun, the wind and the water help us to determine the shapes, positions and products needed to create a superior structure. The team’s focus is on building the sciences of structures in coastal zones, tropical climates and we pay close attention to environmental threats like hurricanes, storm surge or even the impact of salt and sun. We build tropical paradises in the tropics, and that’s all we do.”

Cookie-cutter designs as are seen in large scale communities seem senseless to Greg and his team. The best way to create a perfect living space is for it to be in harmony with the rising of the sun, the shaded afternoon, the most optimal of vistas and a home designed specifically around the people living in it. This, whilst creating the smallest carbon footprint possible.


“Our passion for tradition comes from our respect of the past. We choose to use the past to help us resonate tradition in our relationships with our clients. During the days when your work was your bond and your family name meant everything, you could seal a multi million dollar deal with a handshake. We continue this theory and apply it to everything we do.

Tradition also runs deeply throughout our architectural design. ”Tropitechture” is a hybrid design style created by Paradise Design Build that combines styles found in Indonesia and the South Pacific with that of the original visionary developers of Marco Island. Structures that are designed for the primary land owners but open its arms and allows space for growing families and friends. We’ve found that people want a place for family to return, friends to visit and families to grow without impacting the masters of the home’s lives immensely.”

Paradise Design Build merges 21st Century technology with traditional products that have stood the test of time and will focus on a few one-of-a-kind homes each year, continuing to showcase their ”Tropitechture” concept. They will continue to take on several remodels where they will continue to work with clients to offer this new coastal design style.

The owners like to lead through example. They study and learn and spread this knowledge throughout their team. They only use our three decades of achievements and experience as a

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