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Behold! Fire and Water Features

The combination of fire and water creates both visual and auditory ambiance in your backyard and pool areas. The inviting atmosphere created by sparkling water and crackling fire is quite hard to resist and makes for a perfect place for entertaining. Fire features also create stunning focal points and gathering spots.

From glowing fire pits and bowls to blazing tiki torches and fire troughs, fire features can be incorporated into your swimming pool and outdoor living designs.

The use of fire in and around a swimming pool presents a striking visual as dancing flames reflect on the water’s surface. The addition of pool fire features also delivers function and dramatic ambiance, bouncing shadows throughout the setting when entertaining or enjoying your pool and outdoor living space in the evening.

One of our favorite ways to create outdoor ambiance is with a fire feature. Like this linear one, these sophisticated fire pits can come in up to 12 foot lengths.

Home remodeling and design website Houzz says: “Not unlike water, the natural element of fire is simply a primal source of satisfaction.”

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