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A Coastal Home Designed with Purpose in Mind

With an open concept, the entire main floor creates one large, multi-functional living space which allows views and light to be shared.

Versatile Kitchens & Baths

Open concept living spaces

Kitchens are no longer just a place to make dinner. They are a gathering place for both friends and family, a work space and activity center; the heart of the home.

With a six-person dining table with room to expand, a breakfast bar and activities nook, this space offers many options.

This kitchen / dining area also flows right into the living room, so it's the perfect place to live, create and make memories.

Kitchen storage solutions

One can never have enough kitchen storage. No matter how big your kitchen is, good storage solutions are key to keeping things organized and visually appealing. Pull-out storage for chef knives, under-cabinet toe-kick drawers for cake pans and baking trays and glass-front cabinets to showcase your prized art deco pitcher collection make for a happy space ready to take on anything the world throws at it.

Professional grade kitchen appliances

For the gourmet chef or major foodie, having a restaurant-style kitchen is a must. Professional-grade appliances, plenty of workspace and low-maintenance countertops make entertaining in style and preparing memorable meals a cinch.

Bathrooms with built-in cabinetry

Cabinetry design trends reflect the homeowner's need for increased storage, better organization and ease of use. These beautiful built-in cabinets accomplish all of the above while creating a feeling of cool elegance in keeping with the coastal design of the home.

Paradise Design Build

The Pascale Design Group

3910 Domestic Ave

Naples, Florida


(239) 529-2630

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