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How does LEED make my home better?

How does LEED make my home better?

Four critical ways:

Health: LEED-certified homes are designed to maximize fresh air indoors and minimize exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants.

Savings: They’re designed to save costly resources—energy and water. On average, LEED-certified homes use 20 to 30% less energy than a home built to code, with some homes reporting up to 60% savings. Using fewer resources means lower utility bills each month.

Trusted: They’re third-party inspected, performance-tested, and certified to perform better than a conventional home. Additionally, to ensure that your home is built to an exacting green standard, each LEED-certified home is inspected and tested by the third party non-profit organization: GBCI. Onsite inspections, detailed documentation review and performance are required in every LEED-certified home—so you can trust that your home is truly green.

Value: With proper planning, green homes can be built for the same cost as conventional homes, and they’re resold for more money in less time than traditional homes. LEED homes can qualify for discounted insurance, tax breaks and other incentives.

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